Print a copy of this.

Check “YES” or “NO”.

  1. Did you feel well-prepared? [ ] Yes [ ] No
  2. Did you “cram” the night before? [ ] Yes [ ] No
  3. Did your mind “go blank” at any time? [ ] Yes [ ] No
  4. Did you have time to check your answers? [ ] Yes [ ] No
  5. Was the book emphasized more than you expected it to be? [ ] Yes [ ] No
  6. Were you surprised by your grade? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Short Answer

    1. Did you miss a lot of answers from any one particular chapter? If so, why? (Didn’t study it; didn’t understand the material; notes were inadequate, etc.
    2. Where did you miss most of your points?
    3. Which test questions did you answer correctly by guessing?


    1. Which test questions didn’t you expect, and why?


  1. What can you do to improve your next test score? (Study/review continually; seek a tutor; ask more questions; meet with your professor, etc.)