Skills, Problems, Goals

Study Skill

Target Problems


Time Management
  • Looking at an entire block of work
  • Focusing on what you have not done
  • Avoiding subjects you consider difficult
  • Breaking assignments into subtasks
  • Recognizing what you have accomplished
  • Scheduling time appropriately
Taking Lecture Notes
  • Listening passively
  • Expecting deductive lectures
  • Taking disorganized notes
  • Participating in discussions
  • Keeping an open mind
  • Using the Cornell Method
Reading a Textbook
  • Reading textbooks like novels
  • Using highlighters
  • Taking notes in a separate notebook
  • Using SQ3R
  • Using a pen to write in margins/underline
  • Writing in textbooks
Taking Tests
  • Cramming/panicking
  • Responding to questions inappropriately
  • Writing disorganized essays
  • Running out of time
  • Reading correctly / reviewing regularly / making study sheets
  • Reading all directions before writing
  • Outlining all essays before writing
  • Scheduling time before writing
Writing Research Papers
  • Writing a paper “the night before” it is due
  • Using an inconsistent style
  • Schedule each part/using the Writing “center”
  • Using bibliographic formats