SQ3R Helpful Reminders

Don’t ‘cha hate it when . . .


Gladys’ helpful reminders . . .


you forget to read? Use an assignment book to help you remember
the assignments due. Make sure you put aside enough time to do your
you read the wrong chapters? Check and double check the syllabus or
call a friend to make sure you read the right chapters.
you don’t understand the reading? Ask a friend, teacher’s assistant or the
professor to help you clarify any misunderstandings.
you forget what you read? Read the summary and introduction to try
to get the gist of the reading.
you read the same sentence 500 times? Regroup your thoughts by taking a study
break. Go back and try to concentrate and understand the material.
If you reread because you don’t understand … ask questions!!
you highlight and end up with a huge block of fluorescent
Use a pen to block out the information,
underline the important parts. Write questions in the margins, circle
key terms, use different inks to underline.
you feel guilty writing in your text? Writing in your book is not a crime. How
much did you pay for your book? You handed the cash over to
the cashier and the book is now in your possession. It is now yours. Don’t worry about selling your book, when it
is in your possession, use it to your advantage.
you fall asleep reading? Make sure you are in a proper environment
to read. The place you sleep and relax is not the ideal place to read
because it’ll remind of you sleeping and relaxing.