Gladys’ Helpful Reminders

Don’t ‘cha hate it when . . .

Gladys’ helpful reminders . . .

you don’t have enough paper
to write on, your only pen runs out, or your pencil breaks?
Come to class prepared! Make sure you have an ample amount of paper before going to class, carry more than one pen, and use a pen instead of a pencil. If you do need a pencil, i.e. for math, carry more than one pencil or use a mechanical one.
you arrive late to class & have to face the watchful eyes of your fellow students?

your professor sees you come in late and embarrasses you?

Arrive at least 5 minutes early to class to find your seat and get ready for class. If by chance you do come in late, be as quiet as you can, & explain to the professor after class why you were late.
you can’t understand the
Ask questions, hold study groups.
you have to borrow someone
else’s notes and don’t understand them?
Review with the other student or make sure you get all the notes the first time.
you can’t read your own
Don’t be messy about it, you need these notes to study!
you don’t know the order
your notes go in?
Title the lecture & center it at the top of the page. Date it and put page numbers in the top right corner.
you can’t understand your
own abbreviations?
Be consistent in your abbreviations & make an abbreviations key if necessary.
you have trouble reading
your notes because the ink ran through the paper?
Write on one side of the paper. This leaves room when you study; map your notes or add any additional notes/questions.
you want to ask a question,
but wait until someone else asks it, or are too afraid to ask?
Remember this from pre-college years: “No question is stupid” and “Don’t be afraid to ask?” Same rules apply. The professors need some feedback if they are going too fast or if they need to clarify something. Chances are you aren’t the only one that has a question.