Taking an Exam

You are ready!

You may even find you are eager to take the test and “finish up” the study process.

Moderating stress may be helpful, but be sure you have had adequate sleep and something nutritious to eat. If you do find yourself becoming tense during the test:

Before you start the test . . .

Don’t arrive too early (last minute conversations with fellow students lead to misinformation/anxiety) or too late; 5 minutes before class begins is early enough.

Have the following with you:

  • 2 pens or pencils
  • a watch
  • ample amount of paper/exam booklet(s), if required

Look over/listen to all directions.

  • Listen carefully to oral directions/annotate test.
  • Read the directions for each section before answering a single question.
  • Number the parts to essay questions and circle key words.
  • If the word “compare” appears, ask if the professor wants you to examine the similarities and differences.

If you don’t understand a direction, ASK!!

Coordinate the exam and allotted time.

  • Decide how much time to give each section according to point value.
  • Check your watch every ten minutes-adjust pace and take a few deep breaths!
  • Allow time at the end to proofread

Answering the questions