Test Taking: Gladys’ helpful reminders

Don’t ‘cha hate it when . . .

Gladys’ helpful reminders . . .

you forget what you studied? Clear your mind; your mind has probably just gone blank for the moment. Take a deep breath and relax. Go onto different questions if it helps you regroup your thoughts.
you don’t know what to expect on the test? Ask the professor what material will be covered or ask previous students about what is expected.
you studied the wrong material? Look over the syllabus to see what material is going to be covered and ask if you aren’t certain.
you thought you studied enough? Study throughout the semester so you don’t have to relearn any material before the test. It should all be a review.
you forgot about the test/quiz/exam? Keep track of dates of scheduled tests.
the test is essay? Write an outline and run it by the professor to see if you are on track. If grammar concerns you, see the writing center. If the topic isn’t given, see if the professor can give you an idea of the essay topic so you can prepare.
the test is objective? Use the process of elimination for multiple choice. The more you eliminate the better your chances are to get the correct answer.
the test is standardized? Make sure you understand the directions and if there is any penalty for wrong answers.
you didn’t get full credit on a math/science
problem on a test, but got the correct answer?
Show all of your work to prove you didn’t get the answer from the clouds. That way if you didn’t get the correct answer but show all of your work, you may get partial credit for understanding the process.
your pen runs out, pencil breaks or don’t
have enough paper?
time runs out? Keep track of time as you complete the test.
you didn’t know you needed a blue book
and you don’t have one?
Ask the professor if blue books are required in the class.
you misread or don’t understand
the directions?
Ask if you don’t understand and reread the directions to make sure you understand them.
you forget to put your name
on it?
Get the test and put your name on it immediately!! This should be the first thing you do!