What is Stress?

Stress is…

Stress is the body’s response to change-good or bad. Going to college is certainly a “good” change, but it does involve adjusting to many new situations. If you find major changes in your eating and/or sleeping habits, your body may be warning – you are stressed out!!! Stop, look at your daily routine and make changes. Getting exercise, eating breakfast, and getting to bed earlier may need to become priorities. You can’t perform well academically, if you are stressed out!!!

Sources of Stress

Body (accidents; aging; illness)
Combat: enough sleep; good nutrition; careful hygiene; physical exercise †

Environment (immediate surroundings; academic, parental and peer pressures)
Combat: keep room well lit & ventilated; manage time carefully; develop good communication skills

Thoughts (negative thoughts about self lead to negative performance)
Combat: Develop positive self- talk (I can do this); look at options (I can get a tutor; I can talk with the instructor).