The Carpenter Lecture in Health Care Administration Series

Carpenter LectureThe Carpenter Lecture brings international and national speakers to campus to address timely issues in health care. This lecture is an outgrowth of the highly successful Carpenter Conferences, which were held from 1990–1999. The lecture series, made possible by the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation of Philadelphia, was established in 2003.

Past Carpenter lecturers:

March 24, 2011
Dr. Nancy Jaax (Colonel, U.S. Army, retired),  Special Projects Officer in the Office of Sponsored Research Programs at Kansas State University and Dr. Jerry Jaax (Colonel, U.S. Army, retired),  Associate Vice Provost for Research Compliance and University Veterinarian at Kansas State University
“Inside the Hot Zone”

March 24, 2010
Shannon Brownlee
Acclaimed journalist and author of Overtreated, and Schwartz Senior Fellow at New America Foundation
“Health Care Reform?! Now What?”

April 1, 2008
Richard Heinzl, M.D.
Founder of Doctors Without Borders, Canada
“Lessons From Abroad: The Opportunities of a Borderless World”

November 2, 2005
Kaveh Shojania, M.D.
Canada Research Chair in Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Scientist in the Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Health Research institute at the Ottawa Hospital
“Medical Error: Moving Beyond the Hype to Improve Patient Safety”

March 30, 2005
Carolyn Clancy, M.D.
Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
“Harnessing the Power of Research: Addressing Disparities in Access and Quality of Care”

November 5, 2003
Robert B. Stroube, M.D.
State Health Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Virginia
“Emergency Preparedness and Response”

March 26, 2003
Pierre Duplessis, M.D.
Secretary General and CEO of the Red Cross Society of Canada
“September 11 and Its Aftermath: A Red Cross Response”
Past Carpenter Conferences:

“All Health Care is Local: The Role of Community in Delivering Health Services”
Richard R. Howard, Vice Chairman Health Genesis Ventures, Inc.; Stephen F. Loebs, Ph.D., Chair, Graduate Program in Health Services Management & Policy, The Ohio State University; Brenda M. Nevidjon, RN, MSN, Chief Operating Officer, Duke University Hospital; Neysa Simmers, CLS, MBA, Vice President of Community Services, Augusta Health Care, Inc.

“A Road More-Often Traveled: Alternative Medicine”
Marissa J. Benavente, M.D., F.A.A.P., Private Practitioner, Associate Professor of Family Practice, University of Virginia; Jay V. Garriss, C.E.B.S. Consultant to Managed Care Organizations, Self-Insured Employers, and Health Care Providers; Linda A. Camino, Ph.D., Medical Anthropologist Independent Consultant; Arvilla Payne-Jackson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Howard University; Ann Gill Taylor, Ed.D., F.A.A.N., R.N.            Betty Norman Norris Professor of Nursing and Director, Center for the Study of  Complementary and Alternative Medicine, University of Virginia

“Mission Possible! Holding on to Integrity in Transition”
Myra J. Christopher, President & Chief Executive Officer, Midwest Bioethics Center; May Fox, Executive Director, Virginia Association of Health Maintenance Organizations; Jeff Goldsmith, Ph.D., President, Health Futures, Inc.; Edward F.X. Hughes, M.D., Professor Health Services Management and Management and Strategy, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management Northwestern University

“Unfinished Revolution: Changes & Challenges in Women’s Health Care”
Carrie B. Douglass, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Anthropology & Spanish, Mary Baldwin University; Eileen Hoffman, M.D., Associate Director, Mt. Sinai Women’s Health Program, New York, New York, Author of Our Health, Our Lives; Leslie Laurence, Medical Journalist, Syndicated Columnist, Co-Author of Outrageous Practices: The Alarming Truth about How Medicine Mistreats Women; Betty Redmond, M.N., R.N., Nurse Manager, Central Shenandoah Health District Virginia Department of Health; Carol Wiseman, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene & Public Health

“Growing Old Gracefully? An Analysis of Health Care for the Elderly”
Martha Derthick, Ph.D., Julia Allen Cooper Professor, Department of Government & Foreign Affairs, The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA; Elbert Detwiler, President & Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community, Inc., Harrisonburg, VA; Carlos F. Gomez, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA; Edward A. Scott, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Mary Baldwin University; Joshua M. Wiener, Ph.D.,  Senior Fellow, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

“It’s Showtime! Managing the Change of Health Care Reform”
David L. Bernd, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Sentara Health Systems, Norfolk, VA; Robert Goodlatte, U.S. Congressman, Sixth District – VA; Lynne Lonnquist, Ph.D., Minister for Catechumenate, Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church, Roanoke, VA; Cathie Jo Martin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Political Science, Boston University; James J. Mongan, M.D., Executive Director, Truman Medical Center, Dean-School of Medicine, University of Missouri at  Kansas City

“Beyond the Water’s Edge: Health Care Lessons from Abroad”
Don E. Detmer, M.D., Vice President for Health Sciences, The University of VA Health Sciences Center, Charlottesville, VA; Pierre Duplessis, M.D., MPH, CSPQ, Director of Professional Services, Hópital Sainte-Justine, Montréal, Québec; Antonia Maoni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada; Steven A. Mosher, Ph.D., Director, Health Care Administration Program, Associate Professor Political Science and Health Care Administration, Mary Baldwin University; Theo Schulte, M.D., Visiting Associate, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

“The Ties That Bind: Religion and Health Care?”
Jean Donovan Gilman, MAPA, MSN, RN, Doctoral Candidate, Woodrow Wilson Depart. of Government & Foreign Affairs, The University of VA, Clinical Nursing Supervisor, Blue Ridge Hospital/UVA; Ron Hamel, Ph.D., Senior Associate, The Park Ridge Center for the Study of Health, Faith & Ethics, Chicago, IL; Barbara A. Moore, CSJ, Ph.D., RN, Coordinator, Perinatal Care, Samuel U. Rodgers Community Health Center, Inc., Kansas City, MO; Rosemary Randall, BSN, Pastoral Care Associate, St. Brides Episcopal Church, Virginia Beach, VA; Robert Russell, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Health Education, Southern Illinois University;

“Through the Looking Glass: Planning Health Services for the Future”
Marilyn Aiello, M.D., Director, St. Martin DePorres Health Center, Marks, MS; Charles Breindel, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director Graduate Program in Health Services Administration, VCU/Medical College of VA; Howard Cullum, M.P.A., Secretary of Health & Human Resources – State of VA; Roger Gosselin, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Health Administration, Université de Montréal; Richardson Grinnan, M.D., Senior Vice-President, Health Care Management/Blue Cross & Blue Shield of VA; Kathleen Heatwole, Vice President Planning & Development, Augusta Hospital Corporation; Honorable Jim Olin, U.S. Congressman, 6th District, Virginia

“More Than Band-Aids: Communicating Within the Health Care System”
John Ashley, M.D., Associate Vice President, The University of Virginia Health Sciences Center; The Reverend H.G.D. Dodge, Director of Pastoral Services, Mountain Wood Hospital Charlottesville, VA; Nancy Hofheimer, Executive Director, Humana Hospital-St. Luke’s, Richmond, VA; Gary Kreps, Ph.D., Professor of Communications, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois; Kathryn Sullivan, Ph.D., School of Nursing Research Medical Center/Rockhurst College, Kansas City, Missouri