Phi Beta Kappa Lecture

Rochel GelmanEarly Cognitive Development and Beyond

Infants and preschoolers know much more about math and science than has previously been thought. Yet older students have real problems mastering the material they are supposed to learn in these domains. Please join Mary Baldwin University’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter for a fascinating discussion of this topic with a leading expert in the field.

7 p.m., Monday, January 31

Francis Auditorium
Pearce Science Center, 3rd Floor

Free and open to the public. More information: 540-887-7009.

Rochel Gelman is codirector of the Center for Cognitive Science at Rutgers University and professor of psychology. Her work on early cognitive development and learning has broughther many honors, including membership in the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is the author of Preschool Pathways to Science, The Child’s Understanding of Number, and “Language and the Origin of Numerical Concepts” in Science, as well as of articles on both math and science education in Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

Phi Beta Kappa at Mary Baldwin