A Capstone Festival participant talk about her poster to the audienceThe day was drizzly, but the Mary Baldwin women were shining. Thirty-six students presented thirty-seven projects to sometimes standing-room only crowds and uniformly rave review. All judging teams noted the difficulty in making decisions. In the end, the following students received top honors:

Delivered Papers: Kathleen Todd, Hikikomania: Existential Horror or National Malaise? The Japanese Psyche Post- World War II as Symptom of a Dying Nation, project advisor Daniel Metraux; academic advisor James Gilman.

Poster Presentation: Top Honors split between Garnett Mingledorff, Neuroendocrine Differentiation Induced by Epidermal Growth Factor: Effects on and Implications for Chemoresistance in Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer Cells, project advisor Paul Deeble; academic advisor Lundy Pentz; and Rachel Nieves, Cutting Back: College Students Spend More with Meal Plan Cards than with Cash, project advisor Louise Freeman; academic advisor Heather Macalister.

Multi-media Presentation: Rachel Paulus, Learning from Honduras: Examining the Costs of Maternal Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa and Policy Options for Reducing It, project advisor Judy Klein; academic advisor Nicole Oechslin.

Visual/Audio-Visual Creation: Hannah Scott, 2,300 Marks, and Work, project advisors Paul Ryan and Jim Sconyers, Jr., academic advisor Paul Ryan.

Please join us in congratulating the top honors awardees and all of the participants and nominees for the 2010 Capstone Festival.