Here are the latest scholarly achievements in the School of Social Science, Business, and Global Studies.

Social Science, Business, and Global Studies

Gordon Bowen Gordon Bowen, professor of political science

An article, “Has outreach to the Muslim World by the Obama Administration had an impact on Muslim attitudes toward terrorists and terrorism?” Middle East Review of International Affairs, March 2011.

Bruce Dorries Bruce Dorries, assistant professor of communication and Spencer Center faculty-in-residence

Named to the board of the GriffinHarte Foundation.

Janet Ewing Janet Ewing, associate professor of business

Attended the Annual Board Meeting of Sigma Beta Delta in September where the Mary Baldwin chapter was recognized as one of the most successful chapters of Sigma Beta Delta.

Daniel Metraux Daniel Metraux, professor of Asian studies

An article, “How Bret Harte’s Satirical Poem “The Heathen Chinee” Helped Inflame Racism in 1870s America,” to be published in The Southeast Review of Asian Studies.