This week, Mary Baldwin News features the latest scholarly achievements from the School of Arts, Humanities, and Renaissance Studies.

Sarah Kennedy Sarah Kennedy, professor of English
An essay “The Invisible Tether” in the new creative writing textbook A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line, University of Iowa Press.
Paul Menzer Paul Menzer, director of the MLitt/MFA program in Shakespeare and Performance
Four book chapters, “c.f. Marlowe” in Richard II: New Critical Essays, Routledge Press; “Character Acting” in Special Effects on the Early Modern Stage, Arden Press; “Lines” in 21st Century Approaches: Early Modern Theatricality, Oxford University Press; and “Marlowe Now” in Marlowe in Context, Cambridge University Press.Recently elected president of the Marlowe Society of America.
Rod Owen Roderic Owen, professor of philosophy
A paper, “Overcoming Silence: the Good Samaritan and the ‘Bystander Effect’,” the annual meeting of the Association of Peace and Justice Studies, Memphis, TN, October 2011.
Susan Stearns Susan Stearns, assistant professor of history
Two papers, “The Failure of Pinckney’s Treaty and the Coming of the Louisiana Purchase: Louisiana Trade, 1796-1803,” the Western Historical Association’s annual meeting, Oakland, CA, and “Cotton, Corn, and Chicanery: American Trade in the Crescent City, 1798 to 1802,” the Southern Historical Association’s annual meeting, Baltimore, MD.