Here are the latest scholarly accomplishments in the School of Social Sciences, Business, and Global Studies.

Amy Diduch Amy Diduch, professor of economics
An article “Using the Consumer Expenditure Survey to Teach Poverty Measurement,” Journal of Economic Education (Vol. 43, Issue 1, 2012).
Bruce Dorries Bruce Dorries, assistant professor of communication
A civic soap box editorial about environmental education in the Valley and beyond aired in December on the local NPR affiliate, WMRA.
Judy Klein Judy Klein, professor of economics
An invited presentation, “The Uncanny Momentum of Wartime Modeling Strategies, 1940-1970” at a December workshop on Methodology, Systemic Risk, and the Economics Profession at Duke University.
Bob Klonoski Bob Klonoski, assistant professor of business
A paper, “Adopting a Global Code of Business Ethics: A Comparative Analysis of German and U.S. Attitudes toward Universal Guidelines,” accepted for publication by the Journal of Law and
Social Science
.A paper, “How Important Is Creativity? The Impact of Age, Occupation and Cultural Background on the Assessment of Ideas,” the 2012 Orlando International Academic Conference of the Clute Institute for Academic Research on January 2. Awarded “Best Paper” and was later accepted for
publication by the Journal of Applied Business Research.
 Daniel Metraux Daniel Metraux, professor of Asian studies
A paper, “Henry Adams’ 1886 Sojourn to Japan in Search of Nirvana,” the 2012 conference of the SE Chapter, Association for Asian Studies at Furman University.
 Joe Sprangel Joe Sprangel, assistant professor of business administration
Joe Sprangel was a doctorate committee member for Sharon DeGroote, a DBA student at Lawrence Technological University, who successfully defended her dissertation titled “An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Information Technology on Supply Chain Agility and Firm Performance
Among U.S. Manufacturers” on December 5, 2011.