Many of the women elected to the executive committee of the Student Government Association (SGA) for 2012–13 are already serving in leadership positions on the Mary Baldwin University campus. Find out what drives them and what they plan for the future.

Alexcys Evans

President: Alexcys Evans ’13 Evans has held a variety of leadership positions on campus, including sophomore class president; as a member of the Weekend of Welcome orientation crew; board of elections chair for Senate; Baldwin Program Board (BPB) Secretary; and most recently, BPB chairwoman. "I have been positioning myself in student government for three years, hoping to serve as SGA President as a senior. Each position I have held has provided me with unique experiences, relationships, and lessons that have helped me prepare to be the best SGA president that I can be," Evans said. "To me, the SGA president is needed to create clear goals and benchmarks for student government as a whole, and is needed to ensure each member of SGA is aware of those." Evans is also a member of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society and, as a student who demonstrates academic excellence, is a Julia’s List scholarship recipient. She is from Elkton, Maryland, and is a Health Care Administration major with an emphasis in public health.

Aubrey Sparks

Vice President: Aubrey Sparks ’13 Originally from Williamsport, Maryland, Sparks is pursuing a double major in philosophy and political science. She has held numerous leadership positions at Mary Baldwin including hall president, vice-captain of the fencing team, and a member of the steering committee for the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted. She chose to run for office because she has been involved in Senate, and, in doing so, saw what a force it can be on campus. Being Senate president — which is one of the primary responsibilities of the SGA vice president — is important to Sparks because she recognizes the role that Senate plays on campus and wants to continue the efforts of the previous executive committee to strengthen the organization. She is also a Global Honors Scholar and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta.

Emily Miller

Secretary: Emily Miller ’14 This year, Miller serves as a representative to Honor Council as well as hall president for her residence hall. "I chose to run for the SGA secretary position because I believe that keeping the campus informed is an essential part of making sure that everything else runs smoothly," she said. Miller said that being a student-governed campus makes communication that much more important. She hopes to take the changes that have already been made and implement them further to ensure that everyone who is a part of our campus community is informed. Miller is also a member of President’s Society, a Global Honors Scholar, and has been inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta. The Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, native is pursuing a degree in history.

Tesla Goodrich

Treasurer: Tesla Goodrich ’13 This junior from Charlottesville has held leadership positions such as class vice president and class treasurer. Her motivation behind running for SGA treasurer was to enter a new level of leadership at Mary Baldwin. Goodrich is also a cadet in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership, a member of President’s Society, and a peer advisor.

Amber Ocasio

Baldwin Program Board (BPB) Chairwoman: Amber Ocasio ’14 Ocasio has worked her way through the ranks of the BPB since her days as a freshman volunteer. This year, Ocasio serves as BPB treasurer and has worked closely with current chairwoman, Alexcys Evans. Throughout her tenure, Ocasio has felt a stronger commitment to BPB and the desire to lead. She also served as student advocate treasurer, and is a member of Bella Voce, the College Choir, and President’s Society. Originally from Mechanicsville, Ocasio is pursuing a degree in arts management with an emphasis in music. "Mary Baldwin has become my home. I knew I would like it here because I can appreciate anything as a good opportunity," she said. "I came to love Mary Baldwin because it provided me with a solid social life and home."

Rebekah Winans

Honor Council Chairwoman: Rebekah Winans ’14 Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Winans chose to run for the position because she truly believes in what the Honor Code stands for and has a desire to extend her influence in the Mary Baldwin community. "It is important for me to be part of an organization in which I genuinely have confidence," Winans said.

Jessi McLaughlin

Interclub Council (ICC) Chairwoman: Jessi McLaughlin ’13 This junior from Dripping Springs, Texas, will serve a second term as ICC chairwoman during her senior year at Mary Baldwin. McLaughlin chose to run again for the opportunity so she could continue the work she started and see it through into another school year.

Hillary Blake

Judicial Board (JB) Chairwoman: Hillary Blake ’14 As a JB representative for the 2011–12 school year, Blake believes that the board’s honor and integrity gives the Mary Baldwin community a higher standard to live up to. "As a member of the board, I have been put in new situations and roles, and it’s so exciting to be involved in a way that is helpful to the campus," Blake said. She has also served as a peer advisor for honors students. Blake is from Prince George and is majoring in arts management with an emphasis in art.

Kelsey Still

Lead Advocate: Kelsey Still ’13 When asked about her motivation for running for the Lead Advocate position, Still said, "The organization has so much potential to grow. Our board is underutilized, and my goal is to make Student Advocates more active and well known on campus." Still is also a member of President’s Society, vice-chair for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and has received academic honors as a class marshal and member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Still, who is originally from West Virginia, is majoring in Health Care Administration.

Katherine Parker

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Chairwoman Katherine Parker ’13 During her sophomore year, Parker served as a hall president for her dorm the first semester and became a resident assistant her second semester. This year, she serves as RHA secretary, and has "loved every second of it. I’ve wanted to be RHA chairwoman ever since I was a hall president, and I have certainly been inspired this year while working with the RHA Board to become chairwoman. I want to continue to bring residence halls together into cohesive communities, and to keep residential students informed about what is going on in student government." Originally from Madison County, Parker is a vocal music performance major with an education minor.