Here are the latest faculty accomplishments in the School of Education, Health, and Social Work.

Karen Dorgan Karen Dorgan, professor of education

A presentation, “Learning Trajectories: Paths to Success?” at the annual conference of the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, March 9-10, Roanoke.

Lowell Lemons Lowell Lemons, associate professor of education

Presented a workshop, “Teaching Is Also a Lesson in Law,” the James Madison University Student Teaching Conference, March 2, Harrisonburg.

Kathy McCleaf Kathy McCleaf, associate professor of health and studies of gender and sexuality

A featured article, “Improving Our Advisees’ Cultural Capital,” the March 2012 edition of the National Academic Advising Association’s online quarterly Academic Advising Today: Voices of the Global Community.

Tamra Willis Tamra Willis

An award, the 2012 Mednick Fellowship Award, for Researching Excellence in Environment-Based Learning: The Finnish Model for K-12 EBL and Natural Teacher Preparation, which will run from September 2012 to April 2013.