Mary Baldwin security and communications officials will once again test the college’s
emergency communication system at 1:50 p.m. today.

The college uses BAM to alert the campus community to imminent danger —
for example, a tornado, fire, chemical spill, or threat of violence. In cases of extreme
danger, officials will sound campus sirens then deploy a BAM alert. A siren —
which can be heard outdoors throughout campus, but not necessarily inside buildings
— will let the campus community know that there is imminent danger, and the
BAM messages will make users aware of what is happening and what they should do to
protect themselves.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to check their settings in the Baldwin Alert Message (BAM)
system to ensure that emergency alerts are customized to their needs. At a minimum,
officials ask those who are regularly on campus and who carry a mobile phone to register
that number to receive emergency voice and/or text messages.

Each student and employee can update their information as often as they like and can
control how they receive emergency messages. Options include text messages, email, and
voicemail to their personal mobile phones, landline phones, and email addresses.

Today’s test will check the siren, which may also be heard in nearby neighborhoods
or downtown; the BAM system; and methods of sending outgoing phone messages and
an Internet alert.

Users can visit the target=”_blank”>BAM webpage for a list of frequently asked questions and can sign
up or log-in to the system by clicking on the BAM logo at the top of the page.