A group of senior Army cadets in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL) at Mary Baldwin University have distinguished themselves with notably high performance when compared to their peers at other schools.

“I want to pass on my congratulations and those of the whole corps of cadets to the VWIL women who scored very high on the nationwide Army ratings after LDAC (Leadership Development and Assessment Course),” said Commandant of Cadets Brigadier General Mike Bissell. “VWIL women ranked very high in the national recognitions. Congrats to all of you. You make me very proud of you and VWIL as a whole.”

1st Captain Katie Cerow at LDAC

After completing the LDAC in the summer, the VWIL women ranked high on the Army’s Order of Merit (OML), which ranks all 5,580 senior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets. Three VWIL cadets — Victoria Barrett of Chesapeake, Kaitlyn Cerow of Ashburn, and Amanda Harrison of Richmond — were awarded active-duty slots. Barrett ranked in the top 14 percent of all the active-duty slots and was the highest-ranked woman from among the senior military colleges of Norwich, The Citadel, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, and North Georgia College. She and Cerow, who was in the top 22 percent on the active duty OML, qualified as Distinguished Military Graduates based on high academics, physical fitness scores, performance at LDAC, and peer ratings. All three cadets on the active duty list were in the top third of all Army cadets and surpassed the Virginia Military Institute’s top female cadet.

On the Reserve Duty OML, Luz Bruno ranked in the top eight percent and was the highest cadet in the Army Reserves for the state of Virginia. These four VWIL cadets were in the top 20 percent of all the senior military college cadets.

“I would like to add my congratulations to our whole corps and the individual cadets for these honors and the highly deserved recognition,” said Mary Baldwin President Pamela Fox said. “VWIL makes Mary Baldwin University and me very proud.”