It was clear to the faculty and staff of the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences that any logo designed for their nascent college and its programs had to convey a sense of positive movement, symbolism that expressed an integration of mind, body and spirit and an interlocking effect, illustrative of inter-professional linkages.

The Office of Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs at Mary Baldwin University listened patiently then created a number of prototype logos for Murphy Deming. The selected logo is comprised of three “arms” that represent mind, body and spirit and how important each of them is in the healing and rehabilitation process. The interlinking of the “arms” is symbolic of the three initial programs at Murphy Deming (occupational therapy, physical therapy and physician assistant studies) and the inter-professional nature of their curricula. The logo conveys a very definite forward movement, an obvious energy, consistent with Murphy Deming’s drive for quality in faculty, program offerings, and students.