BAM LOGOIn the wake of recent upgrades to the Baldwin Alert Message, or BAM, system, Mary Baldwin University administrators are encouraging all faculty, staff, and students to reregister for the service, which provides voice, text, and email messages in the event of a campus emergency, weather closures, and more. The BAM update provides greater flexibility in how alerts are received, greater security of personal data, and the ability to send weather closure announcements via text message. Everyone must reregister, regardless of having signed up in the past. At minimum, officials encourage all who are regularly on campus and who carry a mobile phone to register that number. There will be a test of the Mary Baldwin emergency communication system at 4:05 p.m. September 26.

To sign up, click here and click on “Sign Me Up!” (Do not fill in your email address and password.) That will take you to a screen where you input your Mary Baldwin email address and can create a brand-new password just for this system. You will then receive an email, which will give you a link to an authentication page. There you will need to input your ID number from your Mary Baldwin University identification card. Once you’ve done that, you’ll answer some security questions and then can set up your account with all the contact information you choose to use, and set up your subscriptions to receive both emergency messages and outreach messages. (Enable the Outreach subscription and check the SMS option if you want to receive text messages about weather closures).