news_bookertMary Baldwin University Artist-in-Residence Claudia Bernardi returned to campus October 30 to deliver a multimedia presentation about her latest collaborative project with the college and the Staunton community. During the May Term 2013 project Threads of History/Holos de Historia, Bernardi worked with students and faculty to interview alumni of Booker T. Washington High School about the city’s transition from segregation to integration. The course included the creation of a travelling mural and two others at the high school — which is now a community center — and hundreds of hours of footage that are being edited into a documentary film.

“The goal of the project was to transit history from the past into the future, coming through a difficult period,” Bernardi said. “The murals capture the breadth of the area’s African-American history, from the emergence of a core African-American community to the dreams, fears, hopes, and aspirations of today’s young citizens.”

The interdisciplinary class involved students with many different majors and interests and drew on the talents and knowledge of Associate Professor of Art Marlena Hobson, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Film Allan Moyé, and Associate Professor of History Amy Tillerson-Brown in addition to Bernardi and instructors from her School of Art in Perquin, El Salvador. Mary Baldwin Artist-in-Residence since 2006, Bernardi is working with Hobson, Moyé, and Spencer Center Executive Director Steve Grande on plans for another collaboration in 2014.


Coverage from Staunton’s The News Leader