Here are the latest scholarly accomplishments from the School of Arts, Humanities, and Renaissance Studies.

achievement_kenbeals Ken Beals, assistant professor of religion and philosophy Attended the American Academy of Religion conference, November, Baltimore.
achievement_maryhillcole Mary Hill Cole, professor of history A paper, “The 1580s and the Vulnerability of Elizabeth, the Half-Blood Prince,” the Modern Language Association’s annual meeting, January 10, Chicago.
achievement_rodowen Roderic Owen, professor of philosophy A paper, “Gandhi and Power,” the Southeast Asian Studies Conference, January 17–20, Duke University.
achievement_RickPotter Rick Potter, assistant professor of history A paper, “How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm after They’ve Seen Paree? Prohibition and Its Effects on Returning Veterans from the Great War,” the 128th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, January 2, Washington, D.C.