Campus Phone Directory

Non-Disclosure Notice

The Mary Baldwin Telephone Directory Sections contain personal information. The Directory is intended for internal use only. It is not to be distributed outside the Mary Baldwin. 

Getting a Mary Baldwin Campus Phone Directory

The most recent Printable Phone Directory Sections are available on the myMary Baldwin portal. Log into the myMary Baldwin portal and navigate to the Employee tab.

To get a Binder for your Mary Baldwin Campus Phone Directory: 

Support Services has a supply of black three ring binders that you may order. You may want to print out these User Guide pages for the Telephone and Voicemail systems for your phone book as well.


Directory Non-Disclosure Notice

NEC Dterm 3 Feature Guide

NEC Dterm 3 & Voicemail Quick Users Guide

Analog Standard Phone & Voicemail Quick Users Guide

NEC Dterm Series E Users Guide

Octel Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

Octel Voicemail “At A Glance”

To change the information about you in the Campus Phone Directory:

There is an Information Update Form online that you can use to request changes. The Business Office reviews the request and makes changes if approved.