Counter Notification

If you feel that you are legally using material that a copyright owner says you are infringing upon, or that the copyright owner has misidentified the material, you can file a counter notice after you have removed the specified material from your computer or the network access to your computer has been disabled. The College will pass your counter-notice on to the copyright owner as long as it meets these requirements:

  • You physically or digitally sign the counter-notice.
  • You describe the material and its location before it was removed or disabled.
  • You state under penalty of perjury that you believe in good faith the material was removed or disabled by mistake or because it was misidentified.
  • You provide your name, address and phone number and your consent to jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for that address or any Federal District Court if the address is foreign.
  • You state you will accept service of process from the copyright owner.
Remember that counter-notices are reserved only for these circumstances:
  • You are certain you are using the material legally; or
  • You are certain the copyright owner has misidentified material you are using.