End of Fall 2012/Start of Spring 2013 Blackboard Notes


Fall 2012 Courses:
Blackboard Managed Hosting will be Archiving (taking a full copy of the entire course including all student work to save in a safe place) and Exporting (copying all the course content so it can be reused in the future) the Fall 2012 Courses on December 28, 2012.  Please make all the changes to this course that you will want to keep for future reference by 12/28.  Most of the Fall 2012 Courses will be removed from Blackboard in January.  As soon as you and your students are finished with the Fall 2012 course, can you please make it Unavailable (Control Panel, Properties, 3.Make Course Available=No).  If you make your course unavailable I can remove it from our current Blackboard system without nagging you interminably.

If you have an ET or INfor your Fall 2012 course, there are several ways to handle that:1) Finish up the course outside of Blackboard (for example if you are just awaiting one paper.)  If you are going to do this, you can make the course Unavailable as described above.
– OR –
2) Transfer the student to your Spring section if you are teaching the same course this semester and let them finish up there.  Then you can make the Fall course Unavailable as described above.
– OR –
3) Leave the Fall Blackboard course Available but make all the OTHER students (who have completed the course) Unavailable to the course.  To do this you would go into the Control Panel, Users and Groups, Users.  For each student who has completed the course you would click on the down chevrons next to their name and choose Change User’s Availability in Course.  Change Yes to No and Submit.”    And when I send an email asking if your Fall 2012 course still need to be Available, please reply back to me that you have an ET or an IN so I will know not to ask you again.  These courses will NOT be removed from Blackboard.

Saving Course Content from Fall 2012: Most faculty members report that they are not using their Master Courses, and what they would really prefer to do is be able to retrieve the course the last time they taught it and use that content to build their new course.  Also, we need to pay Blackboard for the space we use on their server, so we can only keep current courses “active” in Blackboard.  So, we are moving away from Master Courses.

I will be able to retrieve the course the last time it was taught and import it into your Spring course, but if you would prefer to do this yourself in the future, and not have to wait for me, please Export your Fall 2012 course and keep a copy of it locally.  Please try this – it’s very easy, directions are here:

Also, please let me know when I can remove your Master Courses.

Spring 2013 Course Shells: Your Blackboard Spring Shells have been created.  Please look at them to make sure they are all there.  If you do NOT see your Blackboard shell for Spring, please contact Lori Johnson for GTE or Kim Robinson for RCW and MLitt and ask for your Spring course to be “flagged” for Blackboard.  If you are teaching an Baldwin Online and Adult Programs course, you would have already informed Debby Bibens that you need a Blackboard Shell, so it should be there.  Please do not contact Debby unless you have checked Blackboard first.

Some faculty wish to combine their RCW and APD course enrollments.  This is easy to do, and you can do it at anytime during or even after Add/Drop.  Directions are here: http://www.marybaldwin.edu/oit/blackboard-learning-system-faq/#CombineEnrollments

Blackboard TIPS:
Testing:  So many people have had issues with Students being locked out of tests that I wish I could entirely remove the Forced Completion option in Create Assessment, Test.  Please DO NOT USE this option – if you do it means that if your student has an issue with a browser or a network connection, they cannot exit the test and then start again where they left off.  They will need to call you so you can reset the test and they will lose all their previous answers.  Instead, use the timer.  Then if the student has an issue they can start the test again where they left off as long as they didn’t SUBMIT it and it is still within the time limit.

Paste from Word: The new Paste from Word icon in the Text Box Editor is great, it means you can paste content from Word without confusing Blackboard.  Please us it yourselves and encourage your students to use it.  To access the Paste from Word mashup, look at the far right of the bottom row of icons above the Virtual Text Box Editor.  If you hover over it, it says Add Mashup (see below).  Click there and choose Paste From Word.  Paste your Word text into the little box that comes up and then click on Submit.