Connecting your Dorm Telephone

How to Plug in your Phone and Troubleshooting Tips

First, you will NEED the following:

A standard analog telephone. It does not need to be anything special. Most students also have a cell phone, so there is no need to buy an expensive desk phone.

A word about wireless analog phones: 

You can use a wireless phone if you wish. But sometimes several students in adjacent rooms will all bring wireless phones, and we have seen where the wireless phones interfere with each other because they are so close. Sometimes there is no way to resolve the interference and the students have to stop using wireless phones.

Connecting your telephone: 

Each room on campus is wired to provide separate telephone and network data connections, along with a cable television hook up (the box is called an IMO). In most cases, the telephone connectors are on the left side of the IMO, and the PC network connections are on the right side of the IMO. Look for the little blue icon labels which designate the telephone. Little red icons designate the PC network connections. The single TV cable connector is on the left side of the IMO (see example below).

1. Connect one of the ends of the telephone wire to one of the telephone outlet jacks.

2. Be sure the other end of the telephone wire is connected to your telephone.


 Phone Repair

To report phone problems, please call OIT during regular business hours at 887-7075 or visit our Online Help Desk Form to enter an automated work order request.

FOR STUDENTS: If a service call is necessary, an OIT technician will visit the residence hall room on an appointment basis. The student requesting help MUST be in the room during the service call. We can verify that dial tone is working, but we cannot fix your personal telephone station.

There is no charge for routine repairs. However, if the student or an authorized person is not there for a scheduled service call, a fee may be charged for the missed appointment.