Classroom Technology- Lab Information

There are 14 computer labs on campus comprising over 180 workstations. Scanner stations are available in Academic, Deming, Grafton, and Wenger. The use of USB flash drives is recommended for moving your data back and forth. All labs are equipped with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Students have access to most computer labs between 7 am and Midnight.

Computer Lab Hardware Resources

Open Labs

Location Number of Computers Operating System Printers Scanner
Academic 101 8 Win 7 laser yes
Deming 09 8 Win 7 laser yes
Deming 301 15 Mac OS-X 10.6 laser, color ink, plotter yes
Grafton 105 25 Win 7 Language Ann McGovern
Wenger 401 25 Win 7 laser none
Wenger 402 21 Win 7 laser yes
Baldwin Online and Adult Programs-Richmond 8 Win 7 laser none
Baldwin Online and Adult Programs-Roanoke 10 Win 7 laser none

Closed Labs (permission required to use)

Grafton 302 12 Win 7 Library Search Training Carol Creager
Deming 109 8 Win 7 Music Lab Lise Keiter
Pearce 101 6 Win 7 Physics Lab Karl Zachary
Pearce 312 3 Mac OS 8.6 Biology Eric Jones
Pearce 309 5 Mac OS 8.6 Biology Paul Callo