Using the Mary Baldwin Phone System

Using the Mary Baldwin Phone System

Mary Baldwin operates our own Premise Based Telephone Switch (PBX). That means we are our own telephone company.

Faculty and Staff are supplied a digital phone for their desk. Your department is charged a basic annual fee for the local service. Your are responsible for all long distance and operator services you incur. Your department is charged for these services monthly. Your department may ask you to reimburse Mary Baldwin for any personal use of the phone system.

For Residential Students, each residence hall room is supplied with local dial tone for your use. The student must supply a standard analog telephone station set to use the Local Phone Service and the Voicemail system. The cost of Local Phone Service and Voicemail is included in your comprehensive student fees. You will not receive a bill for Local Phone Service nor Voicemail Service. Mary Baldwin does not supply Long Distance service, but you can dial long distance using 800 type dial services.

Dialing Procedures

To dial an On Campus extension Dial the 4 digit extension number
To dial a Local Off Campus number Dial 8, then the telephone number
To dial a Long Distance Off Campus number Dial 8, 1 + area code + number
To dial an International number Dial 8, 011 + number

Special keys for NEC Dterm telephones


            MSG             Speed Dial To VoiceMail (x7200)
            FWD ALL             Forward all calls to another extension (including voicemail)
            XFER VM             Transfer Incoming calls to another Voicemail Box
            HOLD             Places caller on Hold
            TRF             Transfer call to another extension
            ANS             Answer extension
            SPKR             Toggles Speaker Phone On/Off
            LNR/SPD             Last Number Redial / Speed Dial
            CNF             Conference Call
            FNC             Function Key (for advanced features)
            RECALL             Hangs up and restores dialtone
            FNC+1             Microphone Toggle On/Off
            FNC+2             Adjust handset receiver volume
            FNC+3             Selects ringer tone
            FNC+4             Adjusts transmission / receiving volume

NEC Dterm 3 & Voicemail Quick Users Guide

NEC Dterm Series E Users Guide

NEC Dterm 3 Feature Guide

Analog Standard Phone & Voicemail Quick Users Guide


Phone Repair

To report phone problems, please call OIT during regular business hours at 887-7075 or visit our Online Help Desk Form to enter an automated work order request.

FOR STUDENTS: If a service call is necessary, an OIT technician will visit the residence hall room on an appointment basis. The student requesting help MUST be in the room during the service call. We can verify that dial tone is working, but we cannot fix your personal telephone station

There is no charge for routine repairs. However, if the student or an authorized person is not there for a scheduled service call, a fee may be charged for the missed appointment.