Network Bandwidth on Staunton Campus

Ensuring optimal Internet performance is one of OIT’s top priorities. The increasing use of Peer-2-Peer applications to download music, software and movies has made allocation of bandwidth critical. P2P applications tend to take over all available network bandwidth, starving normal web and email traffic for other campus users. Worse, they are also used as a launching pad for trojans, viruses, and other network attacks. OIT utilizes multiple tools to address these threats.

OIT does not block any Internet traffic, except that which has been identified to be a threat to the network. OIT utilizes firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) which uses industry wide rules to identify and block known network threats. All other network traffic is prioritized based on function and it’s importance using a QoS (Quality Of Service) rules. This ensures that academic network needs are given the highest priority while protecting the network and its users. Mary Baldwin servers, normal Web and Email traffic get first cut at campus bandwidth, well before a P2P applications or others entertainment applications.

Mary Baldwin currently has 100 Mbytes of Internet bandwidth that is shared by all campus users.