Off Campus Access to the 400

Under extreme and unusual circumstances, temporary and short term off campus access to the Mary Baldwin400 system may be granted.  Permission for off campus access is the sole discretion of the Chief Information Officer.  Mary Baldwin generally discourages such connections.  Please carefully evaluate the value of having your staff working from their homes.  Supervision and support can be handled much better when staff is working on campus.  OIT does not maintain dial in (modem) services for the Mary Baldwin400.  Off campus access must be made using a VPN connection via an Internet connection.  Because such access requires installation of Mary Baldwin licensed software, the department making the request for access must supply an appropriate Mary Baldwin owned computer. It is also the responsibility of the department requesting the access to pay for all costs incurred in setting up the connection.  This includes any costs for the VPN software and /or client license, the emulation software needed for creating a session, and any configuration costs incurred.


The Supervisor must make a formal written request to the OIT office care of the Director indicating:

a) who you wish to be authorized for off-campus connection.
b) a brief description of what type of work they will be doing.  (for hard copy documentation)
c) the specific start and stop dates for access to the system.


OIT cannot supply equipment to the employee for home access.  OIT will not support employee’s personal equipment including personal routers or DSL/Cable modems.