Classroom Technology- Tutor Lab Software by Sanako

This software is loaded in the Labs in Wenger 401 and 402 and Grafton 105.

This website is a training resource:

To start the Tutor software, Double Click on Tutor Icon on the Desktop or click on Start, All Programs, Sanaok, Tutor and then click on Tutor.

Click on Template Class

You should see icons for all the student computers with a little blue student icon if the computer is logged on, and just the Mary Baldwin ID of LAST person who signed on if the computer is not currently logged on.

Click on Activity Selection = Tutoring and Source Selection = Tutor.

To show on the Tutor PC what the Student is doing on their PC, (remember to Blank Screen your projector if you do not want to show it to EVERYONE), click on the student icon to see the Thumbnail.  To see it large screen, double click on the thumbnail.

“X” out to let that go.

To show students on their PCs what you are looking at on YOUR PC, Click Screen Control = Tutor Screen to Students.  To give the students back their own PC control, UNCLICK Screen Control = Tutor Screen to Students.

To take control (for example Lock Keyboard and Mouse) of student’s PCs, click on PC Control and then Lock Keyboard and Mouse.  To release control, Unclick Lock Keyboard and Mouse.

To start the student at a website, click on Web Browser, which will launch the browser on the student PC, then find the desired website and click on Send (top center of browser screen) to SEND that website to the student PC’s browser.

For more information about the Sanako Study 1200 software, click on Help, Video Tutorials.