University Name Change FAQ

There are numerous important transitions underway in conjunction with our name change from Mary Baldwin College to Mary Baldwin University. This page attempts to summarize those changes and how they affect you.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mary Baldwin Information Technology Help Desk by calling 540-887-7075, creating a Help Desk support ticket at or sending an email to We will respond as quickly as possible and appreciate your understanding as we anticipate a higher than usual number of calls during this process.

Steps to Take Now

Saving my browser settings and passwords in Chrome or Firefox
Removing old URL “auto-complete” suggestions from your browser
OIT Help Desk (KACE)
Blackboard Learning Management System
Remote Access to Mary Baldwin via VPN
Mary Baldwin Email
Google Sites

Upcoming Activity

Mary Baldwin Computers changing Domain

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is designed to help guide you through steps in the transition. The links to other Mary Baldwin webpages, Blackboard, Dining Services, the Reservation Request sytem, etc. will always be up to date on the home page.

Access, Passwords and User IDs:
Saving my passwords in Chrome or Firefox
Will URL’s change?
Will my user name and password change?
Will I have to use more than one user ID and password?

Google and Email:
What will I need to do because my Email address has changed?
How can I find and notify people who send me emails?
How do I change my Email Signature?
How do I change my smart phone email address?
Will I be able to keep my Google photos, files, themes, settings?
How do I change the addresses in my Distribution Lists/ Contacts Groups?

Other Systems:
How do I access Panopto and its recordings?
What will I need to change in Blackboard?
How will I log into Qualtrics?

Not covered here:
Please contact OIT with other concerns/questions about the information systems you use and the University Transition.

Saving my passwords in Chrome or Firefox

In order for all your passwords to be saved when we move to the new domain, you will want to make sure Chrome and Firefox save them now.


  1. Click on  the three little dots and then click on Settings
  2. Click on Disconnect your Google Account OR if that is not an option, click on Sign in to Chrome and go to 5.
  3. Sign Out but DO NOT CLICK ON Also clear history…
  4. Click on Sign in to Chrome
  5. Log in with your CURRENT Address and Password
  6. Click on OK, Got It.
  7. Note: You can also Sign in to Chrome from your home PC and you will still have your saved Bookmarks and Passwords!


  1. Click on the three horizontal bars at the upper right and Sign in to Sync
  2. If you have an account for your address, sign out.
  3. Create an account for your current email address and a password that you will remember
  4. You will be sent a confirmation email with an Activate Now button. Click on that button.
  5. Now from any PC, you will be able to log in to Firefox Sync which will have your saved settings.

Removing old URL “auto-complete” suggestions from your browser:


  1. Start typing a few letters that generate the outdated suggestion.
  2. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to select the suggestion you don’t like (selected item is highlighted blue in screenshot).
  3. Press shift+delete on windows or shift+fn+delete on mac to remove the selected item.


  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu , choose History and then click the Show All History link at the bottom of the list to open the Library window.
  2. At the top right corner, type the name of the website you wish to forget in the Search History field, and press Enter.
  3. Right-click on the site you wish to forget in the resulting list and select Forget About This Site or Delete Page.

Internet Explorer

  1. In Internet Explorer, select the Favorites button.
  2. Select the History tab, and choose how you want to view your history by selecting a filter from the menu.
  3. To delete specific sites, right-select a site from any of these lists and then select Delete.


The URL for myMBU is Your username and password remain the same. Change your shortcuts or bookmarks.


Symphony is at Change your shortcuts or bookmarks.

OIT Help Desk Ticket System (KACE)

The OIT Help Desk / Service Desk system (KACE) is at Change your shortcuts or bookmarks. You may receive an email from the system with a link that points back to This is temporary. To make the link work, just double click on the mbc part and type in marybaldwin instead.


The URL address for Blackboard is Links from the public website and MyMBU will be updated, but you will also need to update your Bookmarks.

If you use the BBStudent App, you will look for Mary Baldwin University.

By December 1st, we will modify the email address used by Blackboard to communicate with instructors and students to reflect your new email address.

If you have any issues, please report them to OIT. Please give as much detail as possible, including Course ID, Assignment or Discussion, which browser you were using, and how to replicate the issue.


To remote into the Mary Baldwin Network, you will need to change the Settings on the Global Protect. Find the Global Protect icon in your system tray, and right click on it to Open it.


In Global Protect, click on Settings and change the address in the portal from to and click on Apply.


Now you can connect via Global Protect as usual. Your username and password are unchanged.


We have changed the email accounts into accounts, You can log in using your address from

Email will no longer be delivered to your MBC.EDU account after December 1st.

If you have set your browser to remember your account name, you’ll need to tell the site you want to use another account in order to be prompted for your new account name.  You should review any settings you may have customized. For example, any mail filters you created will still be in place but they may not work as expected. If a filter refers to someone’s email address using, any new email you receive from that person’s Mary Baldwin account will now come from their address and the filter will not match their new address until it is adjusted.

Check your Signature box to make sure it is current and correct. To do this, click on the little gear at the upper right of your screen, Settings and then scroll down to the Signature box. Update it and click on Save Changes.

You will probably need to make similar changes on all of the devices and in all of the software that you use to check your email (e.g. your smartphone, tablet, Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.). You will need to update the account name stored in your email program as well as review any filters, rules, address book entries, etc. that depend upon the domain name. There are numerous different email programs and devices used to access Mary Baldwin email accounts with a variety of possible settings and features. We will do our best to develop and update instructions for the most common programs and issues as we learn of them. We have assembled some information for various types of email clients below. If you know of others that would be helpful, please share them with us.

Although your email will be delivered to your address until December 1st, start transitioning to the new email address now by modifying your email signature, notifying anyone with whom you correspond regularly, updating your listserv settings and changing your email address for any accounts you use on other websites that may send you email notifications (e.g. Facebook, Basecamp, professional development associations, etc.).

Additional suggestions for managing this transition are included below


Please update any bookmarks you may have for Qualtrics. The main site is now located at and any surveys you have created or will create in the future will be found at…

If you use Qualtrics to create online surveys, please sign in with your account name rather than your account name (e.g. rather than

Mary Baldwin Website

University Relations unveiled a new public website on August 31, 2016. That website’s URL is Please add this link to your bookmarks.


Log into Panopto using your Blackboard account.

Mary Baldwin Computers

Between now and December, we will make the changes necessary to enable you to log in to Mary Baldwin computers using the new domain. At that point, we will schedule time to visit every office, classroom and lab to assist you with changing your computer.

Google Sites

To transition your personal Google Site, go to Click on Settings and Manage site.


Copy the site name and click on Copy this Site.


Paste the site name into the To: Box and click on Copy. Your website will now be at the address rather than the address. Make sure you check links to this site, and the Sharing, to make sure it is shared with the correct audience.

External Websites

We will continue to work with the university’s partners who provide external web-based services (e.g. Radius, FrontRush, Writing Center, Blackboard, etc.) to determine how they are best able to change any URLs, account names, etc. to reflect our new name. We will notify those of you using these services of any adjustments that will be made or any changes you may need to make to how you log in or use them.

What will I need to do because my Email address has changed?

Your previous email address will forward to your new email address until December 1st. You have until then to contact people and organizations to communicate the change. Some considerations of who to contact might include: Professional mailing lists or listservs, Publisher sites or other external sites such as Facebook, friends and relatives. OIT suggests that you change your email address on all external sites now. If your password is ‘stored’ on your computer and that has enabled you to forget it and email it to yourself as required, change your password after you have changed your email address.

Sites that you may need to change: iTunes/ApplePandora, Amazon
Directions for how to change your email address on various sites can often be found with a Google Search.

How can I update my Outlook so I can send and receive emails?

If you have an Intelliworks plug-in on your Outlook, please contact OIT so they can assist you with transitioning to your address.

First, save your PST file. Look up the location and Copy the file to a safe place.


remove your old email profiles. Click on Control Panel, Mail, and then Show Profiles.


Click on your Profile and your Outlook Profile and Remove them.


Click on All Programs, Set up a Google Apps Sync User. Enter your email address and click on continue. Scroll down to the bottom of the next page and click on Allow.


Go back to the Google Apps Sync Program and click on Create Profile.


Now find the Google Apps Sync – Initial Download Icon in the Systray. Click on Set Mailbox Size Limit, change the 1 GB default to Unlimited and click on OK.



How can I find and notify people who send me emails?

Your Mary Baldwin Google Contacts:

One way to contact people outside the Mary Baldwin community with your new email address is to send all you Google Contacts an email FROM the new address, telling them about the new address. To do this you could create a Group called ChangeMyEmail and add all the Google Contacts you wish to email to that group, and then email the Group. At the upper right of your Gmail, change Mail to Contacts and click on New Group.


Then click on all the contacts you wish to add to this group. You of course will not need to tell your Mary Baldwin colleagues about this new email address, and you won’t want to click on anyone for whom you have a telephone number but no email address. After you have selected all the contacts, click on the Groups Icon at the top and then choose the ChangeMyEmail group and click on Apply.


WHEN YOU CAN LOG IN from the new email address, and not before, send this email from the new address. Send the email to YOURSELF, and BCC: the ChangeMyEmail Group (This way you are not broadcasting other people’s email addresses)


Emails that come in from now until December 1st:

You can set up a folder, where all emails that come in to your old address rather than your new address will be filed.

Every couple of days you can go into that folder and email the person/organization who sent you the email your new credentials.

To create a folder, click on the Gear icon at the upper right and choose Settings. In Settings, choose Filters and Blocked Addresses.


Click on Create a New Filter. On the filter search screen, fill in your address in the To field and click on Create filter with this search.


On the What to do page, click on Apply the Label, and create a New Label called Old Email to Contact. Click on Create and then click on Create Filter.


Every couple of days between now and December 1st, you can check your Old Email to Contact Folder, and when you have contacted that person you can click on the STAR icon to mark for yourself that you have already sent that notice.

How do I change the addresses in my Contacts Groups?

If you have Contacts Groups (for example, the Information Technology Committee) you will need to check all of the addresses to make sure they have been updated with

  • Click on Contacts
  • Click on the name of your Group.
  • Double click on any group member who still has an email address of
  • Click on the email field and change it to

It will save automatically and you can go to the next email address that needs to change.

Will my user name and password change?

For Mary Baldwin administered Systems, we can answer that question. You will log into Blackboard, MyMBC, VPN and the 400 the way you do now. In Mary Baldwin administered systems where you log in as, you will need to log in as We are transitioning all these systems as close to August 31st as possible, but there may be a difference between when your Google Account changes and your Qualtrics Account changes. If one doesn’t work please try the other before contacting OIT. Your passwords will not change unless you change them.

In systems NOT administered by Mary Baldwin, you may or may not have the ability to change your user id. For example, in Facebook, you may log in with your gmail address, and you may not be able to change that. You can change your email address in Contacts under Settings, but unless Facebook changes the way they administer accounts, you will always need to log into Facebook using your login. Other systems may work the same way. You may have the ability to change your email address but not your login. OIT advises that you log into every external system you can think of that has your email address and change the email settings.

Changing a Gmail Signature:

Click on the little gear at the upper right of your Gmail. Click on Settings. Scroll down to the Signature box. Change your details and click on Save Changes.

Will URLs change?

Yes. Everything that formerly included will now include instead. All references to Mary Baldwin Websites should be checked and changed.

Will I have to use more than one user ID and password?

This has not changed.

How do I access Panopto and its recordings?

  1. From the Panopto signin screen change the server address from to
  2. Select the Login with Blackboard option

How do I change my smart phone email address?

iPhone:  Settings: Mail, Contacts, Calendars: Add Account:  Add your email address and (after the gmail has transitioned and you can log in to your address) remove your address.

Android: Open Gmail. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right of the screen. You will see the name of the Gmail account you are currently viewing. Click on the downward arrow to the right of the name of that account.androidmailaccounts1smudgewitharrow

You will see a list of the Gmail accounts you currently can view on your Android device. Click on +Add Account.

android mail account2

In the Set up email screen, click on Google.

android mail accounts3

In the Add your account screen, type in your new email account username and click Next.

Will I be able to keep my Google photos, files, themes, settings?

Although your google name will change, all your photos, files and settings will remain. After the transition, you will need to log into Google on your computer and on your phone using your name.

On your computer. Click on your photo or the little circle at the upper left and Add Account. Fill in your new account name and your old password.

When you can log into your account, you can remove your account.

What will I need to change in Blackboard?

You will continue to log into Blackboard as usual. Your email address within Blackboard will change when it is changed in the Student Information System, and your old email will work until that change happens.

If you are a professor, after September 1st you will need to look at your course for links that point to website destinations, and change them to point to the correct destination at

Also, if you reuse course content from previous semesters, after you copy your course in the future you will need to check the links to ensure they are pointing to the correct destination at

How will I log into Qualtrics?

You will log into Qualtlrics with your Mary Baldwin Email address – All your surveys and results will still be accessible.