Using the MDCHS Classroom AV Systems

In MDC 155, 156, 157, and 159, the instructor station is equipped for lecture capture. There is a headworn microphone for the instructor in the lower drawer in the desk. It stays in a battery charger base when it is not being used. Put the adjustable headband on the back of your neck and hook the earpieces over your ears. Clip the beltpack transmitter to your clothing. Slide the On-Mute/Prg-Off switch to On. The handheld wireless mic in the charger base is to pass around the class in case the class is interacting with people on the other end of a teleconference or if their questions need to be recorded in the lecture capture. During lecture capture, the instructor can repeat a student’s question if the student is not speaking into the mike.

Turn on the PC if it is not already on, or wake the PC by pressing the space bar. Flip open the silver lid on the desktop to access the system control panel. Press anywhere on the screen and a number pad comes up. Key in the four-digit access code, and press Enter. If you entered the wrong code, nothing will  happen, so clear the numbers you entered with the Clear key and try again. Press the Power On/Off symbol to turn on the displays and monitors.

The system starts up with the PC selected, the main desktop on the left screen and the extended desktop on the right. This will be the normal operating mode for teaching in the room.  If you have a PowerPoint that will be seen on two screens, follow these instructions. If you have a PowerPoint on one screen and will be using the Document Camera as a whiteboard, open the slide-out shelf on the right of the podium, unfold the camera arm so that the camera head is pointing at the whiteboard surface, and press the power button on the camera. Open the Epson Document Camera shortcut on the left of the PC desktop (double click on the icon) and the picture from the camera should appear in the software’s window. If you are seeing a picture from one of the room cameras, click on the wrench-and-screwdriver icon in the top right of the window and in Settings, Video, click on the dropdown menu and select the Epson ELPDC20.  The icon (next to the wrench icon) which looks like a computer monitor will make the document camera image fill the screen from top to bottom. The bottom button on the menu on the side of the fullscreen image will return you to the opening window view. Keep in mind that the document camera picture will only appear on the left screen, so a single-screen PowerPoint will have to be opened (from your U: drive or from a flash drive)  and slid over to the right screen.

The Volume up/down buttons on the touch panel main screen adjust the volume of the PC (or laptop) and the microphones together. The Audio Control button underneath brings up a separate page with independent volume controls for the microphones and the computer, plus a main volume control. You may want to leave this control page open during your class so that you can make adjustments if necessary.

There is no dedicated DVD player in the system, but the classroom PC is great for showing DVDs. Please see the details here.

For instructions on using Panopto for recording your class, please look here.

If you need to use a laptop instead of the classroom PC, you can connect it to the system with the cables in the touchscreen cubby. You will not be able to connect any of the cameras or microphones in the room to your laptop, so you can record a lecture only showing the laptop’s desktop, internal webcam, and internal microphone. Select which display you want to use, and select the type of connector you used to connect to the laptop.

At the end of class, if you are making a Panopto recording of your class (and you are not webcasting it), remember to stop the recording and upload the recording to the server.

Also when the class is over, use a wipe to clean the headworn microphone, and please return the microphones to the charger base so that they will maintain their charge for the next person.  remove any USB devices you plugged into the computer, and Restart the PC in order to log yourself out. If there is not another class scheduled after yours, press the System Off button on the touchpanel, turn off the wireless keyboard and place it in the drawer with the document camera, and close and lock the cabinet doors.