Voice Mailbox Access & Setup

Accessing Your Voicemail

From any on campus phone, dial 7200. Listen for the system greeting. Enter your voice mailbox passcode.

If you share a phone extension with other users, you will need to dial 7200, then press * followed by your voice mailbox number. You can then enter your voice mailbox passcode.

From any off-campus phone, dial (540) 887-7200. Listen for system greeting, then press #. Enter your voice mailbox number, followed by your passcode.

Setting up or Initializing Your Voice Mailbox

“Marsha”, the voice of our system, will talk you through the process of setting up your voice mailbox. There is no difference in how you set up your voice mailbox, whether you share a phone or not. The set-up process is described below:

Step 1- Passcodes

You will be asked to enter your temporary passcode. If you are a student, you will find the temporary passcode on your Information Sheet you received at dorm check-in.

After you enter your temporary passcode, you will be prompted to change it for security reasons. Your new passcode must be a six-digit number that you can easily remember. You can use the numerical representation of your birth date, the first six digits of your social security number, or any other easily remembered numeric code. However, be aware that not even the System Administrator has access to your passcode. Therefore, until you have memorized it, it would be wise to write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Step 2 – Recording Your Name Greeting

You will next be prompted to record the Name Greeting. This greeting will play when someone calls, confirming they reached the right voice mailbox. The name greeting consists of your first and last name. The system will then insert your name greeting into the menu of choices that a caller will hear.

Step 3 – Recording Your Personal Greeting

You will next be prompted to record a Personal Greeting, comparable to what you would record on a standard answering machine. Here’s a sample message:

“Hi. This is Catherine. I’m not available to take your call right now. Please leave your name, a brief message, and a telephone number where I can reach you. Thanks for calling.”

If you don’t want to record a Personal Greeting, the system will play a default message that includes your Name Greeting and instructions on leaving a message.

That’s it! You’ve set up your voice mailbox! Press the * key twice to exit the system.