What’s new in Blackboard SP 11


Inline Grading

Inline Grading gives you the ability to “mark up” an assignment from Word, Powerpoint,  Excel or even a .pdf without downloading it and saving it.  You will be able to Strike Through, Highlight, Draw with your mouse, add Text, and also insert Point, Text and Area Comments.  Then put in the grade and Submit.

If you want to record grade comments using Video Anywhere, click on the little A below the Grader Feedback Text Box and a full Text Box will appear with a Video Anywhere webcam icon.



In order to make the paper you are grading look bigger on the screen, you can temporarily hide the left hand side of your course.  Hover over the gray bar between the Content menu and the Grading pane. A little arrow pointing left will pop up.  Click on it.



To make the left hand side come back again, hover over the gray line at the left again, and when the right pointing arrow comes up click on it.



Enterprise Surveys and Course Evaluations.  We can’t try this out until we have upgraded to BB SP11 – but here is a video describing that: Link