Alisha Berg

Female Effigy Vessel

Female Effigy Vessel

Female Effigy Vessel


Being a design student at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, I have developed a love for all mediums, especially those capable of three-dimensional presentations. I am fixated on the notion that simplicity is key to good design; however, when I construct with my hands, I feel the need to be intricate with my work. This piece was created in order to display that intricacy and reveal a cultural aspect to its viewers. It was shaped from terra cotta using my hands and a wide range of miscellaneous tools. The dark glaze veiling its surface is a way for a us to appreciate its many details.






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  1. Nathan Elds
    Nathan Elds / 4-17-2013 / ·

    The aesthetic boldness of this piece gives it a sublime harmony. This artist has a keen sense of peaceful balance with her figurative work. I would hope to see more of this artist’s work published.

  2. sanae lambert
    sanae lambert / 4-17-2013 / ·

    Congratulation on your publishing !
    I am looking forward to checking next your project !
    Good luck to your new life and Love you !

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