Capstone Festival – May 14, 2009 Schedule of Presentations

Opening Ceremony 
Hunt West 1:30 – 1:50 p.m.
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Edward Scott

2–3 p.m.

Session A1:  Multi-Media Presentations
Cultural Change and Enduring Culture
Panel Moderator:  Erin Paschal ’10
Room Host:  Sara Abernathy ’10

Pamela Mendoza. When Did South Korea Get This Cool?:  Korean Pop Culture’s Influence on Japanese Opinions of Korea. Project and Academic Advisor: Dr. Daniel Métraux.

Hannah Vargason. Helping People Help Themselves: Policy Options that Promote a Higher Personal Saving Rate. Project Advisor: Dr. Judy Klein.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Amy McCormick Diduch.

Denise Kinsinger. Creating Opportunities for Civic Engagement in a Global Context by Reading Chaucer Aloud. Project Advisor: Ms. Terry Southerington.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Katherine Turner.

Aubrey Angelique de Cheubell. Abstract Expressionist Ceramics: A Catalyst for a New Dialog within Ceramic Art. Project Advisor: Dr. Marlena Hobson.  Academic Advisor: Mr. Paul Ryan.

2–3 p.m.   
Miller Chapel  
Session  B1:  Delivered Papers
Conflict and Resolution 
Panel Moderator:  Logan Dill ’11
Room Host:  Maria Soukup ’09

Samantha Hudson. The Gullah: A People’s Resistance to Cultural Domination. Project Advisors: Dr. Kenneth Keller and Dr. Mary Hill Cole.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Mary Hill Cole.

Catherine Kammer. Words for Weapons:  The Success of the Nineteenth Century Non-Violent Irish Independence Movement. Project Advisors: Dr. Kenneth Keller, Dr. Mary Hill Cole, and Dr. Carey Usher.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Mary Hill Cole.

Robyn Stegman. For the Dalai Lama’s Consideration:  Civic Engagement and the Tibetan Peace Movement. Project Advisor: Dr. Daniel Métraux.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Gordon Bowen.

Sarah C. Wisecup. Women at War.  Project Advisors: Dr. Daniel Stuhlsatz and Dr. Carey Usher.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Daniel Stuhlsatz.

2–3:15 p.m.  
Hunt West
Session C
Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, & Humanities
Room Hosts:  Kim Parker ’11 and Audrey Wong ’12

Lucy Ann Billiter. Factors in Decision Making. Project and Academic Advisor: Dr. John L. Kibler, III.

Elizabeth Gifford. Stabilization of Lipase in Chitosan. Project Advisor: Dr. Paul Deeble.
Academic Advisor: Dr. Lundy Pentz.

Skye E. Hartman. HA-NEH-AL-ENJI:  CLA-GI-AIH NE-AHS-JAH GLOE-IH AH-JAH GAH NA-HASH-CHID AH-JAH TSE-GAH YEH-HES TSAH BE GLOE-IH BE-LA-SANA AH-LOSZ  (Communication: Power behind War). Project Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Keller and Dr. Mary Hill Cole.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Mary Hill Cole.

Mary Elizabeth Schwab. Skepticism within the European Union about Monetary and Foreign Policies. Project Advisor: Dr. Daniel Métraux.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Gordon Bowen.

Abigail Haley Turner. A Spectroscopic Study of Cucurbit[7]uril Host-Guest Recognition Properties. Project and Academic Advisor: Dr. Karl Zachary.

Alanna Warnick. Effects of Horses on Self-Esteem and Locus of Control. Project and Academic Advisor: Dr. Andreas Anastasiou.

3:15–4:45 p.m.  
Session A2:  Multi-Media Presentations
Managing the Needs and Desires of a Global Society
Panel Moderator: Jackie Miller ’12
Room Host:  Rachael Lam ’12

Chelsea E. Smith. A Time for Change: The Transformational Roles of Modern U. S. Foreign Assistance and the Challenges Faced in Reform. Project Advisor: Dr. Daniel Métraux.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Gordon Bowen.

Laura Ashley Dean. North African Immigration and its Political and Social Effects on France. Project Advisor: Dr. Daniel Métraux.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Gordon Bowen.

Brittanie Daniela Baughman-Rovira. An Analysis of Microsoft. Project and Academic Advisor: Ms. Claire Kent.
Alicia Bortone. Olay. Project Advisor: Ms. Claire Kent.  Academic Advisor: Ms. Janet Ewing.

Brooke Ashley Lohr. Restless Leg Syndrome: The Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Mirapex and its Effects on the Prevalence of the Condition.  Project Advisors: Dr. Steven Mosher and Dr. Peter Cruise.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Steven Mosher.

3:15–4:45 p.m.  
Miller Chapel  
Session B2:  Delivered Papers
Change and Continuity in American Life
Panel Moderator:  Margie Bivans ’10
Room Host:  Carolyn Johnson ’12

Casby Stainback. A Political Perspective on Hunting with Hounds in Virginia. Project Advisors: Dr. Laura van Assendelft and Dr. Carey Usher.  Academic Advisor: Dr. Carey Usher.

Elizabeth Dattilio. “I’m So Sorry:” A Thematic Analysis of Bereavement Support Communication. Project and Academic Advisor: Dr. Alice Araujo.

Cytha D. Stottlemyer. Making News and History:  Race, Gender, and the Media in the 2008 Presidential Primary. Project and Academic Advisor: Dr. Laura van Assendelft.

Hannah Vargason. An Unlikely Exburb:  The Meaning of Changing Preferences in the Housing Market in Frederick County, Virginia. Project Advisor: Dr. Carrie Douglass.   Academic Advisor: Dr. Amy McCormick Diduch.

3:30–4:45 p.m.
Hunt Gallery 
Visual/Audio-Visual Session.
Room Host:  Abigail Turner ’09

Aubrey Angelique de Cheubell. Crafting Content. Project Advisor:  Ms. Nancy Ross.  Academic Advisor: Mr. Paul Ryan.

Lindsey Gwaltney. Eggshells.  Project and Academic Advisor: Mr. Paul Ryan.

Deidre A. Hiner. Voices of Small Town Business:  Portraits of Monterey, Virginia. Project and Academic Advisor: Mr. Jim R. Sconyers, Jr.

McKenzie Taylor. Cocoa and Daisy Go to the Fair, a Children’s Book Written and Drawn by McKenzie Taylor. Project and Academic Advisor: Mr. Paul Ryan.

Celebration Reception
Hunt West  5–5:45 p.m.
Participants, family and friends, and the Mary Baldwin community are invited to
celebrate at an informal reception.

Recognition Ceremony
Hunt West  5:45–6 p.m.
Participants will be recognized and several special awards given.

 6–7 p.m.
Thursdays on Tyson Terrace 
Dinner is available on Tyson Terrace, adjacent to the Pannill Student Center and the Student Activities Center.  Students: free.  Faculty/staff: $5.  Guests: $7.  Child guests: $5.


With Special Thanks to:

Members of the Advisory Board of Visitors who provided mentorship to the participants in the preparation of their presentations or served as judges:

Mrs. Shelley Bishop Col. Melissa Patrick
Ms. Beth Briggs Ms. Kamala Payne
Mrs. Laura Beth DeHority The Rev. Christian Peele
Mrs. Kelly Downer Dr. Allison Predecki
Ms. Sarah Francisco Mr. Russell Rose
Ms. Betsy Freund Dr. Kathy Smallwood
Miss Jean Grainger Ms. Betty Swope
Mr. Ophie Kier The Rev. Peyton Wooldridge
Ms. Ashley Kizler Ms. Mindy Wyttenbach-Lindsey
Ms. Susan Myer

Members of the Committee on Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, other faculty and staff, and the extended Mary Baldwin community who prepared materials, conducted workshops, helped with setup and logistics, and/or served as judges:

Dr. Peggy Ankney Mr. Allan Moyé
Ms. Candice Barnack Ms. Gretchen Newman
Ms. Claudia Bernardi Dr. Peter Ruiz-Haas
Ms. Carol Creager Dr. Edward Scott
Ms. Valerie Gangwer Ms. Morgan Alberts Smith
Ms.  Lynn Gilliland Dr. Katherine Turner
Ms. Anne Holland Dr. Laura van Assendelft
Mr. Tracy Hiner Dr. Martha Walker
Ms. Wanda Morris Ms. Terri Walker

Officers and officers-elect of the All Things Considered Club, for help with publicity and recruitment of panel moderators and room hosts:

Abby Turner ’09, president
Margie Bivans ’10, president-elect
Jackie Miller ’12, vice president-elect
Sara Abernathy ’10, secretary-elect
Abby Carinder ’11, treasurer-elect

And very special thanks to Dr. Lundy Pentz, for his calligraphic skills.

The Capstone Festival is coordinated through the Office of Sponsored Programs and. Undergraduate Research (SPUR).  Please contact Lydia Petersson, director (, or Tracy Deem, assistant director (, with questions, comments, or suggestions.