Internship Process for MLitt/MFA Students

  • Students are welcome to seek internships at any institution. Students interested in an internship with the American Shakespeare Center should review the internship descriptions on theĀ ASC Web site;
  • Students seeking Mary Baldwin credit for an internship should discuss opportunities, requirements, and goals with their advisor and/or with Paul Menzer, program director and teacher of record;
  • Students must make an official application for an internship position and submit all materials as required by the hosting institution. Students seeking an internship at ASC should download ASC’s application and submit it along with other requested paperwork (i.e. resumes, etc.) to Sarah Enloe, ASC Education Department. If awarded an internship with ASC, students will sign a contract with the supervising department. Students working with other organizations may have a different process;
  • Julie Fox, assistant driector for operations, will assist students with registering for the course and completing Mary Baldwin paperwork both before and after the internship experience;
  • Two methods of evaluation will be completed. One evaluation, completed by the host institution, will be submitted to Paul Menzer. This evaluation will serve as the basis for grading. A second evaluation will be completed by the student and will serve as a record of evaluating the Mary Baldwin internship experience. In addition, host institutions often require interns to complete an exit evaluation form and/or offer exit interviews.