About the Spencer Center

The Spencer Center at Mary Baldwin University is named for Samuel R. Jr. and Ava Spencer. Their legacy has helped create civic and global engagement on a vibrant campus. In 2016-17, MBU celebrated its 175th Anniversary and during that time the faculty, staff, students, and alumni completed more than 175 Acts of Good.

The Spencer Center is staffed by the Executive Director, Assistant Director, an International Student Advisor, a faculty member-in-residence and outstanding student employees.

  Christina Harrison
Executive Director
Assistant Director of Civic and Global Engagement

Amy Miller  Amy Miller
International Student Advisor and adjunct instructor in Asian Studies

The Annual University Theme

Identity - the 2016-17 annual themeEach year, a theme is chosen to unite the Mary Baldwin community around a central idea that fosters civic and global engagement. The theme gives definition to the academic year and a way to link together the work of students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines and programs.

Past years’ themes have included Courage, Place, Power, Heart, Maps, Voices, Wisdom, Roots, and Moment. The theme for 2016–2017 is Identity.

Each year, students in all undergraduate and graduate programs are invited to write an essay or produce a creative piece (e.g. original musical composition, drawing, sculpture, video, poem, performance) that addresses the theme and its relation to civic engagement in a global context. Essays and creative works range from academic inquiry to personal reflections to advocacy positions.  One essay and one creative piece selected by the Spencer Center staff and fellows are presented a university-wide forum.


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Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement

Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and other times for scheduled events.