Recommendation Form

Mary Baldwin University requires a recommendation for each applicant from her secondary school counselor or academic advisor. Please print this form and give it to your counselor/advisor/dean for completion. The form should be returned to the The Admissions Office, Mary Baldwin University, Staunton, VA 24401.

Recommendation For:_____________________________

To the secondary school counselor/academic advisor/dean:

The candidate listed above has applied for admission to Mary Baldwin University. Please write whatever you think is important for us to know about her, including a description of her academic and personal characteristics. We welcome information that will help us to differentiate this student from others. The recommendation is a required part of the admission application and is held in strict confidence. (Other recommendations may be submitted in addition to this one.)

Please place check marks at the points that represent your evaluation of this student in comparison with other students in your school who are applying to selective colleges.

CREATIVITY ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
MOTIVATION ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
INITIATION ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
INTELLECTUAL ABILITY ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
WRITING ABILITY ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
WORK DISCIPLINE ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
GROWTH POTENTIAL ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
EMOTIONAL MATURITY ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
SELF-CONFIDENCE ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
CLASS ATTENDANCE ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding
EFFECTIVE PARTICIPATION ___Unable to determine ___Below Average ___Average ___Above Average ___Outstanding

In your opinion, what are her academic strengths and weaknesses?

Please explain or comment on any significant variances in the student’s academic record.

Do you know of any limitations or any problems about which we should know? Consider the applicant’s ability to adjust both emotionally and academically to life in the United States.

How long have you known the applicant?

If the student is transferring from your institution, is she eligible to return there?

How would you describe the difficulty of this student’s academic program?

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School ___________________________ Telephone ________________ Date _________

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