How to Pay for Your International Experience

EgyptInternational travel and study is more affordable than many students think. Some programs cost the same or even less than studying in the United States. Many offer financial aid; there are dozens of competitive study abroad scholarships available. In addition, Mary Baldwin students can usually apply some of their financial aid to study abroad programs.

Students can use federal aid and loans for foreign study. Please note that for certain programs, limited college financial aid is available.

Financial Aid Applications for study abroad must be filed by October 1 for spring semester and May Term. Applications for fall semester and intended full-year study must be filed by April 15. Deadlines are firm to ensure that loan money is available when needed.

To qualify for financial aid, follow these simple steps:

  1. Student tuition accounts must be in good standing with the Business Office.
  2. Complete the Study Abroad Financial Aid Application (PDF).
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  3. File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  4. Complete the Mary Baldwin Study Abroad Application (MSWord) for semester or summer travel OR a May Term Study Abroad Application.
  5. Meet with a financial aid counselor to determine your financial aid eligibility for study abroad.
  6. Give your study abroad provider’s address and your address while you will be studying abroad, to the Office of Financial Aid and to the Mary Baldwin Business Office.

Contact a financial aid counselor or Robin Dietrich, director of Financial Aid, for more details.

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