Intern Abroad

Christina Ramirez ’13, during her social work internship at the Organization for Youth Empowerment in Honduras

Internships abroad can be a great way to challenge yourself by learning relevant work experience in a foreign environment. Students can earn internship credit by working with private or public-sector organizations overseas. Mary Baldwin students have had internships in France, the Netherlands, Peru, Costa Rica, Japan, and other countries!

Internships abroad can be divided into the following types:

  • Mary Baldwin University internship: a Mary Baldwin University course abroad which offers internship credit, directly supervised by a faculty member.
  • Direct internship: an internship abroad that you have applied for directly with an agency, organization or NGO abroad.  Usually you will have to arrange your own transportation and housing for these internships, and the internship agency will only be responsible for your work placement.
  • Study Abroad Provider: an internship abroad set up for you depending on your field of study and interests by a third-party study abroad provider, such as ISAASACIS Abroad or others. These internships are usually for a summer, semester or year. Usually your housing, food and transportation are also arranged by the study abroad provider.
  • Other US College or University: an internship abroad offered through another accredited college or university. The credits earned for such an internship would be treated as transfer credits.

In order to receive credit, Mary Baldwin University requires that you have an internship supervisor in your place of work who will verify the hours of work you have done and the nature of your work.

Mary Baldwin Internships:

  • Pass/Fail only
  • Counted as any number of credits, depending on contact hours. In order to receive 1 credit, a student needs 50 contact hours.
  • Total of 15 hours of internship credit can be counted towards a degree

Internship Process:

  1. Identify the internship you would like to do abroad, and apply for it – either through the agency directly, or a study abroad provider such as ISAASACIS Abroad or others.
  2. Complete the Study Abroad Application.
  3. Once you have been approved by the Spencer Center for study/internship abroad, complete an Internship Application for the Vantage Point Office of Personal and Professional Development (
  4. Receive signature approvals on the Study Abroad Application from your faculty advisor and the Registrar.
  5. Meet with Financial Aid to discuss financing the internship abroad, if necessary.

Students are expected to work closely with the study abroad staff in the Spencer Center, career services staff in the Sena Center, their faculty advisor and the Registrar’s Office. This ensures a smooth internship process that leads to internship credit on your transcript.