Internship Guidelines for Employers

  • Develop written goals for the internship and list the activities necessary to achieve the goals.Include your planned methods of evaluation.
  • Write a description of the internship, similar to a written job description for an employee.Include the duties of the intern, qualifications and skills needed, specific major(s), grade point averages required, and salary offered. Also state when the internship is available – fall, spring, May Term, or summer.
  • Along with the internship description, include information on whom the student should contact to apply, how (phone, fax, e-mail, or other), and what materials the student should submit – for example, cover letter, resume, and/or portfolio. If appropriate, include the deadline for the applications.
  • State whether or not an interview will be part of the screening process. If the selection process involves other screening tools such as testing or a background investigation, inform the candidate in advance.
  • Describe the workplace requirements for the student, including information on health and safety, dress code, work hours, benefits, etc.
  • Plan regular meetings with the student to review her performance, both verbally and in writing. If you are not directly supervising the student, it is very important that you have clearly communicated your expectations to the intern’s supervisor. It may be helpful to develop a training program for supervisors of interns.
  • Post your internship on our Baldwin Job Board — a database of job and internship opportunities for Mary Baldwin students and alumni. Click on the link and hit the “Post an Opportunity” button to enter your information.

If at any time you have questions or concerns about an intern, or about the internship program, please contact the Director of Career Development Services.

At the end of the internship, you should complete Mary Baldwin University’s Employer Evaluation of Student During Internship and Employer Evaluation of Internship Program (PDF). This two-sided form is provided by the Rosemarie Sena Center.