Career Development Four-Year Plan

Four Year PlanThe four-year Individual Career and Life Plan (ICLP) is designed to provide students with a guide for college life. The ICLP includes goals and activities in four areas: academic, career, personal/social, and long-term/life for four phases.

Phase I: Foundation

The first phase of the ICLP lays the foundation for a successful college experience.

❒ Set academic goals with your advisor

❒ Complete self assessment to identify interests, values, and skills

❒ Explore majors

❒ Begin resume writing

❒ Become familiar with resources and opportunities on campus, such as the Spencer Center, Office of Inclusive Excellence, Writing Center, and the Learning Skills Center.

Phase II: Involvement

In the second phase, students continue to be engaged members of the Mary Baldwin University community. The ICLP addresses these areas with activities that facilitate involvement in academics, career, and social life.

❒ Decide on majors and minors with help from the Career Development Services Office

❒ Attend a career fair or networking event with the Advisory Board of Visitors

❒ Participate in civic engagement or volunteer activities

❒ Start planning long-term goals based on experiences

Phase III: Preparation

While participating fully in college life, students in phase III begin to prepare for life after college. This focus on academic and career preparation builds on the effective decisions made in the first two phases and outlines activities that will help students prepare to implement these decisions.

❒ Consider graduate school and attend seminars on preparing for graduate school

❒ Update resume

❒ Assume leadership positions and continue gaining learning experiences outside the classroom

Phase IV: Implementation

Goals proposed during the fourth phase of the ICLP address issues and activities involved in the transition to life after college.

❒ Summarize skills and finalize credentials in resume, cover letters, and portfolios

❒ Participate in seminars and workshops offered to aid preparation for life after college

❒ Attend graduate school fairs and career fairs

❒ Update long-term career and life goals