All new students receive a First Year faculty advisor through their Leadership Gateway at Mary Baldwin. Our advising program supports the mission of Mary Baldwin University by focusing on advising as teaching, and by intentionally creating lasting relationships between advisors and students that will support students in a holistic way and allow both the student and advisor to continually learn together. First Year advisors help students in their transition to college, with course registration each term, and are available for meetings during weekly office hours or by appointment. Students keep their First Year advisor until they declare a major. Peer Advisors are student leaders charged with assisting First Year faculty advisors through our Leadership Gateways and Mary Baldwin 101: Orientation to College.

Be sure to get to know your faculty advisor and peer advisors. They will be a great support for you.


  • to be knowledgeable about the Mary Baldwin curriculum and other academic related requirements and regulations and to competently communicate that information.
  • to point out both academic opportunities and potential obstacles and to help you make connections between who you are — your own goals, interests, strengths and weaknesses — and the possibilities for growth and development that are available at Mary Baldwin.
  • to learn more about what it means to be a student of the liberal arts and an active, participating member of a learning community.
  • to help you make informed decisions about your academic schedule, i.e. help you with the process of registering for courses each semester.
  • to help lay out an initial, overall academic plan and to assist you in making a decision before the end of your sophomore year about a major (your chosen area of specialization).
  • to be readily available (within one to two days, usually sooner) to answer questions and meet with you.
  • to be respectful of your status as an adult and emotionally supportive and encouraging.
  • in terms of special emotional, interpersonal, and other more personal concerns to be able to refer you to the college program or officer who can help you most effectively.