Getting Started with Gateways

All incoming first-year students at Mary Baldwin have the benefit of membership in gateway programs that offer support, direction, and connection. National data demonstrate that such focused first-year experience programs enhance student success. Mary Baldwin has found this to be true and we firmly believe in the value of each student being part of a smaller, personal community.

New students move-in and participate in an orientation program with their Gateway as part of our Week of Welcome at the start of the academic year. Each student has a faculty advisor, staff advisor, and peer mentor they will get to know as part of the Gateway leadership team. Every week students meet with their faculty advisor for Mary Baldwin 101 (Orientation to College) and Gateways as a whole meet throughout the first year for social, community service, and academic activities.

Admissions counselors can help students choose a gateway based on their interests and passions. Students who travel from abroad to study at Mary Baldwin are automatically enrolled in a gateway for International Students.

The American Experience The American Experience
As a student from another country, I welcome support from student mentors, faculty and staff, and members of the larger community as I adjust to life in the United States.
International Student Gateway


Spencer Citizens Civic Engagement
Community service and outreach to others around the world is important in my life.
Spencer Citizens Gateway


Creative Expression
I’m passionate about the arts and believe in the power of originality and fresh thinking.
Arts Gateway


gateway_ibw Cultural Identity
I am an African-American woman and want to connect with my culture and the local community.
* additional application required
Ida B. Wells Gateway


Women for Healthy Lifestyles Health and Wellness
I want to pursue wellness in body and spirit and will value the support of others in making healthy lifestyle choices.
The Lois Blackburn Women for Healthy Lifestyles Gateway


Interfaith Explorations Interfaith Exploration
I am curious about how spirituality, faith, or even the absence of faith, inspire people all around the world.
Coexist Gateway


Latino Culture Latino Culture
I want to explore Latino heritage and culture.
Latino Culture Gateway


Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership Leadership
I seek physical and mental challenge. I want to become and leader and make things happen.
Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership Gateway


Program for the Exceptionally Gifted Radical Acceleration
I am ready to dive right into college instead of finishing high school.
* additional application required
Program for the Exceptionally Gifted Gateway


I want to stay informed and connected as a commuter. I know there are a variety of ways to get involved on campus, and I want to immerse myself within the college community.
Commuter Gateway


Questions? Contact the Admissions Office.