Ida B. Wells Gateway

students at candlelight ceremonyNamed for the noted civil rights activist, suffragist, and journalist, the Ida B. Wells Gateway is for women of African descent who want to explore culture, identity, leadership and civic engagement as the foundation for their active participation in the college community. The Community Service Learning class, alumnae mentors through the Sista Friends program, and Kwanzaa are integral pieces of this Gateway. Additional application and interview are required.
Apply to the Gateway

Who may apply? Ida B. Wells is open to freshmen in the Residential College for Women and is designed specifically for women of African descent.  Your academic qualifications and service learning experience will be considered.

Will I take classes as part of Ida B. Wells? Yes, your academic advisor will assist you in creating your schedule.  Here are some courses that may be included:

  • Philosophy 140: Community Service Learning (3 credits) (1st  semester) Cornett-Scott
  • INT 177: Legacy and Tradition (1 credit) ( 1st semester)  Cornett-Scott
  • Religion 232: African American Religion (3 credits) (2nd semester) Cornett-Scott

What extra-curricular activities will I be participating in?  Prior to the start of the semester you will attend the Ida B. Wells Institute to orient you to the college. In Ida B. Wells you will participate in community service programming. You will prepare for and participate in Kwanzaa, a unique rite of incorporation that celebrates sisterhood, academic success, and cultural pride.

Andrea Cornett ScottMeet the staff: The Ida B. Wells program is directed by Rev. Andrea Cornett-Scott, associate vice president for inclusive excellence. Rev. Andrea Cornett-Scott will serve as faculty advisor for Ida B. Wells students.  Peer Mentors, Learning Lab Teaching Assistants, Peer Advisors, and Sista Friends also support the gateway members.  Our staff is committed 110% to your success.

Leadership. Most of the students who complete Ida B. Wells as freshmen continue to be student leaders, Ubuntu mentors and active participants in student organizations including those organizations particularly for students of color. Many Ida B. Wells members make a commitment to active engagement in multicultural programming which qualifies them to be invited to participate in the Ajani Ceremony.