Program for the Exceptionally Gifted

The Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) provides opportunities for students as young as 13 to skip some high school and begin their residential college careers. PEG is the only radical acceleration program that allows these young students to dive right into college and live within a community of their intellectual and social peers. Additional application and interview are required.

Who may apply? Girls 13 and older in their ninth grade year may apply to PEG and admissions will be based upon academic records and assessments of the student’s readiness for college.

Will I take classes as part of PEG? You will develop an academic plan and select courses with the assistance of an academic advisor. All first-year PEGs take:

  • Mary Baldwin 101 and 102: Orientation to College and to the Honors/PEG Programs (2 credits);
  • English 101: Intermediate Composition (3 credits)

What extra-curricular activities will I be involved in?  Most of the resources of Mary Baldwin University are available to PEG students. In addition, the program staff offers weekend and evening events that are social, cultural, or just for fun and these events are for PEGs only.

Where will I live? You will live in the PEG Center, a separate residential hall for our PEG students that has been designed and is staffed particularly for them.

Meet the Staff.  Christy Baker is director of student life.

Beyond the First Year. By age 16 PEGs are expected to live in campus residence halls and to participate fully in campus life. Resources of the PEG Center remain available to students and many will serve on the PEG Steering Committee as upper class women.

How do I apply?  Apply Online. Further information and scheduled interviews can be obtained by calling 540-887-7039 or e-mailing


Krittika Krishnan
I had never heard of anything like this until I met Crista Cabe [vice president for public relations] when she was recruiting students in my hometown of Bangalore, India, in 2007. It is extremely motivating to be with other students who want to be intellectually challenged. There is also an incredible support system!
–Krittika Krishnan ’12