Gen-Ed Study Questions

Use your Mary Baldwin College Catalog to answer the questions below.

  1. How many semester hours may a student take each year with the P/NC grading option? What are the exceptions to this rule?
  2. What is the deadline for dropping a course? For adding a course? For changing a grading option?
  3. Under what circumstances may a student repeat a course?
  4. What is the Mary Baldwin Central Curriculum?
  5. May a student use a single course for two different General Education Requirements?
  6. May a student use a single course for a General Education Requirement and a major or minor requirement?
  7. Among the General Education Requirements, what is unique about the Writing Emphasis requirement?
  8. May a student use PSYC 101 for a Natural Science requirement and PSYC 111 for a Social Sciences requirement?
  9. May a student use ENG 112 for a Humanities requirement and ENG 115 for an Arts requirement?
  10. In what three ways may a student fulfill the International Education requirement?
  11. Neatly and in pencil, complete the top section and the column Academic Year 1 of the Curriculum Planning Worksheet (lavender). If you are now taking courses that fulfill General Education requirements, list them in the appropriate block, in pencil, using the discipline name and course number: Thea 114, for example.
  12. Use the course descriptions in the Catalogue to find courses that you would like to take to fulfill each of the General Education Requirements. IN PENCIL, list them on the course planning form under the appropriate headings.
  13. How is class standing determined?
  14. What will you need to do to be a sophomore?
  15. How does a student make the Dean’s List? The Honors List?
  16. What is an Honor Scholar?
  17. What must a student do to receive an Honors Degree?
  18. Under what conditions may a student be placed on academic probation?
  19. Suspension?
  20. How many semester hours must a student take in a semester to be considered full-time?
  21. How many total semester hours do you need to graduate?
  22. In order to graduate on time, how many semester hours do you need to take each semester, on average?
  23. How is gpa calculated?
  24. Are transfer courses included in your gpa?
  25. What courses, if any, are excluded from your gpa?
  26. What will your gpa be if you earn two C’s in 3 s.h. courses, two B’s in 3 s.h. courses, one D in a 4 s.h. course, and one A in INT 177? Express your answer to two decimal points AND as a letter grade.
  27. Will you be in any trouble at the end of the semester, with the record above? If not, how close are you to trouble?
  28. What will your gpa be if you were enrolled in the course load listed above, but stopped attending the 4 s.h. course, did not complete the formal process for dropping the course, and got an F?
  29. What would your gpa be if you changed the 4 s.h. course to P/NC and got NC?
  30. List your questions about academic requirements.