Services and Fees

Health Services and Fees

Students are responsible for knowing their individual insurance policy requirements and coverage for medical services, such as preauthorization or precertification, and should always carry a copy of their insurance card.

Nurse Visit/Telephone Consult
Physician/Nurse Practitioner Appointment
Educational Brochures/Information
Gynecological Exam/Counseling
AH Laboratory Fee Schedule
Flu Vaccine/Shot $25*
Rapid Flu Test $10*
Flu Test (next day results, includes collection and lab analysis) $90**
PPD (TB skin test) $19*
TDAP Vaccine/shot (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) $60*
Pregnancy Test – blood test, qualitative $25.50**
Pregnancy Test (urine) $10*
Pap Smear – routine (if abnormal, add pathologist fee of $40 to total charge) $55**
Pap Smear – with HPV testing (if abnormal, add pathologist fee of $40) $140**
GC Chlamydia $209.30**
Chlamydia $104.65**
School Entrance Physical $50*
Monospot/screen $39*
Rapid Strep $10
TD/shot (tetanus, diphtheria) $25*

All services indicated with an asterisk (*) must be paid for by student at the time of visit. If unable to pay at the time of visit for any lab services marked with a double asterisk (**) there will be an option to bill insurance and the student will be billed for any remaining balance not covered by insurance.

Counseling Services and Fees

During your college years, you may encounter a variety of stressors, which may be related to your academic experience, family, social, and financial situations.

We provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Stress management
  • Individual counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Group therapy
  • Mental health programs for students, faculty, and staff
  • Consultation and training to resident advisors, staff, and faculty regarding student mental health needs
  • Referral to off-campus mental health providers and community agencies

Dr. Kuley and her associates provide four free sessions for College for Women students during the academic year. If a student requires more than four sessions, she should discuss payment for services (insurance and Medicaid accepted), or discuss referral alternatives (community services which offer a sliding scale; unlimited free of charge group therapy session, etc.).