Mary Baldwin-TV

Mary Baldwin-TV

Mary Baldwin Television is a student organization and operates on channels 2 and 21 of the campus-wide closed-circuit cable system. The station, located on the first floor of Grafton Library on the Mary Baldwin campus, gives students hands-on experience in television production and broadcast. It is student run with advice offered by professors in the college’s Communication discipline.


Mary Baldwin-TV

Weekly Schedule

Apr. 25th – May 2nd
Time Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
12am Macbeth 10,000 km In the Heart of the Sea Trumbo Creed The Big Short TBA TBA
10am In the Heart of the Sea N/A The Danish Girl The Wonders Chi Raq Macbeth TBA TBA
12pm The Danish Girl N/A Room Carol The Night Before In the Heart of the Sea TBA TBA
2pm Room Trumbo Creed The Big Short Mostly Martha The Danish Girl TBA TBA
4pm Creed The Wonders Chi Raq Macbeth 10,000 km Room TBA TBA
6pm Chi Raq Carol The Night Before In the Heart of the Sea Trumbo Creed TBA TBA
8pm The Night Before The Big Mostly Martha The Danish Girl The Wonder’s Chi Raq TBA TBA
10pm Mostly Martha Macbeth 10,000 km Room Carol The Night Before TBA TBA

CHANNEL 2 displays campus news, announcements, and information on revolving slides 24 hours per day accompanied by audio from our student-created playlists.

CHANNEL 21 broadcasts popular movies from Residence Life Cinema. Each month, eight new movies are put in constant rotation. These often include current releases, independent films, documentaries, foreign language, and educational films. This channel is also home to Mary Baldwin-TV student productions, and may include coverage of campus events, projects from production classes and special programming relating to the Mary Baldwin community. Movies may be delayed by 30 minutes or less.

Mary Baldwin-TV always welcomes input and suggestions from students, staff, and faculty. We promote campus interaction with the people and businesses in Staunton and the surrounding community. You may contact or send broadcast information to Announcements may be in the form of PowerPoint slides sent to the above address. Please include dates to start and end broadcast. If you wish us to create the announcement, please include all pertinent information.

Contact Information



Allan Moyé, assistant professor of communication